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Nesting Boxes

Nesting Boxes Chick Box™

The Chick Box is the only Plastic Injection Moulded Nest Box System. It offers many advantages, making Poultry keeping and welfare much easier.

Chick Box was designed and is manufactured by BEC (The Broiler Equipment Company). BEC have over 50 years experience in the original design and manufacture of plastic products for the poultry industry and are recognised as world-class suppliers to the industry. Our products are manufactured in our Scarborough and Craven Arms factories with internationally recognised ISO 2002 systems.The nest box comes in two colours brown or yellow

The Chick Box offers an improved module nest box rather than a fabricated wooden alternative.
It will save hundreds of hours cleaning over the life of the poultry shed and more importantly, it is a massive step forward when managing red mite, disease and bacteria within the important nesting area, and the laying hens love them.
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