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Larsen Mate Trap

Larsen Mate Trap
We now offer our own take on the Larsen Mate trap, also known as a "clam trap" or a "butterfly trap".

Perfect for catching trap-shy crows, the Larsen Mate trap can be used in Conjunction with a standard Larsen Trap or set independently as a simple, lightweight alternative to larger traps.These are British made traps not the cheap Chinese type.

The trap is simply set with a split perch which holds the cage open until a bird lands on it, firing the spring and catching it securely inside.

We are currently working on an instruction guide for this product which will outline the best use of Larsen mate traps - this will be published soon, but in the meantime, please feel free to call or email us for more information.Gamekeep Ltd accepts no responsibility for trappers who use these traps to catch non target species, or who use these traps outside the terms of the General Licence.

Dimensions:(closed) 16" x 17" x 18
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