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Larsen Trap Top Entry

Larsen Trap Top Entry
Larsen Trap [top entry] Larsen cage traps are a poison free, humane way to remove wild birds. By law these are only permitted to be used for magpies, crows, jays, jackdaws and rooks. Trap comes with clear instructions and trapping tips on the pack. Live traps are commonly used with a decoy bird which is placed inside to encourage another bird to come down to it.

Legally the bird trap must have a perch, shelter, food and water. We recommend the use of a plastic decoy bird, in order to prevent cruelty and protect the welfare of birds used as live decoys. Plastic decoys can be found in the related products for this item.
Gamekeep Ltd accepts no responsibility for trappers who use these traps to catch non target species, or who use these traps outside the terms of the General Licence.
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