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Drinker Nipple

Drinker Nipple
This low drip model is designed to be fitted to Nipple Buckets, but it is also handy on a variety of homemade or DIY nipple drinkers.
This is a 180 degree nipple, meaning that the moveable stainless steel nipple slides vertically up and down. As a result, birds can create a flow of water by pushing the nipple up with their beaks to drink.
This type of nipple has a steadier flow than the 360 Degree Nipple, and we recommend it for use with small numbers of hens, pheasants and partridges.
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Latest review: Have made many drinkers with this item,works very well for poults but larger birds push the middle up and out of the nipple,allowing the drinker to completely drain. 4 out of 5 based on 3 reviews

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