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Energiser Game Bird Tonic

Energiser Game Bird Tonic
Game Bird Tonic

It is a concentrated liquid supplement containing vitamins, trace elements, essential amino acids, essential fatty acids and electrolytes with added nucleotides.
Put simply,this formula contains many more extra useful supplements and ingredients than conventional multi vitamins. As a bonus, there are traces of aniseed to tempt the birds in to drink the supplemented water.

For breeding birds, use Game Bird Tonic when they come into lay and until they reach peak egg production, also during periods of stress, heat stress, disease challenge and when feed intake is reduced or when they are on a wheat only diet.

For chicks and poults, Game Bird Tonic is used to assist weak and slow growing birds which have been affected by stress or other conditions as as above.

This liquid tonic needs to be mixed in with drinking water at a ratio of 75ml per 200 litres
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