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Automatic Feeder

Automatic  Feeder Auto Feeder

This automatic feeder
will spin for 1-59 seconds six times daily. Operates on a 6-volt rechargeable battery
Fitted with new type anti-spill spinner plate. The nozzle to spinner plate distance is adjustable for varying sizes of feed & helps minimise spillage.This Auto Feeder will take a solar panel.The template for the holes and bolts/nuts for attaching to a feed drum are provided.
The timer is a digital display timer clock that can be programmed to feed 1 to 6 times per 24 hours.
It comes with one  6volt rechargeable battery and a battery for the timer.

The unit can spin in a circle 15 feet wide raised to 3 feet off the ground.
Recommended birds per machine; pheasants 175, ducks 75 and chickens 100.
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Only £75.00

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