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Side And Top Entry Larsen Trap

Side And Top Entry Larsen Trap The top entry compartment allows the bird to drop in from above landing onto the split trigger perch which falls in half closing the spring door behind it. The side entry sliding trap doors are operated by a wire treadle which is situated inside the catching compartment. When a crow or magpie enters the trap, its first instinct is to hop onto the treadle, closing the door behind it. These traps are effective in their use as crow or magpie traps, and their simple construction makes them easy to operate and maintain. Made from durable weldmesh, the three compartments include a catch box at each end, with room for the call bird in the middle. You are now required by law (general licence) to secure the trap to the ground, 2 steel pegs are now supplied. If you are trapping in Scotland, you need to have a tag fixed to each trap with your authorised user number clearly visible. Recent tests have found that these traps are very versatile, and that they work with particular efficiency in smaller gardens or paddocks where nearby trees provide visiting crows and magpies with the opportunity to drop down from above to inspect the call bird intruder. The Larsen traps come flat packed for self assembly, and all clips are included. We also provide split trigger perches for the top entry section, a free drinker and instructions. Remember to check your trap at least twice a day and provide your call bird with food and water and a perch

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