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Cleanflo Drinker

Cleanflo Drinker Suitable for all ages of birds
The basic drinker is up to 3weeks of age,The water level has 3 settings,first 0 to 10 days,second 10 to 6 weeks,third 6 weeks to adult.The stand should be fitted as the birds come to 3 weeks of age with the legs set in the low position to ensure that the drinker does not become contaminated with bedding but is lo enough for the chicks to drink.the water level should be set at the second setting giving an adequate water depth for the poults post bitting.As the poults grow ,the legs can be extended.When the drinker is moved into an outdoor enviroment the legs can be fully extended.If the drinker is placed on uneven ground the legs can be adjusted to make sure the water remains level in the drinker.For outdoor use a cover also reduces the risk of contamination.All the parts clip together to make one unit.You Can buy the the Cleanflo Drinker with the stand and contamination cover as one complete unit as will as separate ones.The Price includes VAT

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