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Aniseed Oil Concentrate 100ml

Aniseed Oil Concentrate 100ml
New updated product.
During the last 12 months we have been working to produce our latest range aniseed based game bird holding products.
Working with a new specialist raw material supplier, we have a new aniseed oil concentrate refined in a slightly different manner to produce a more subtle, less harsh, aroma. This we believe is more attractive and will hold more birds to the required feeding areas.
You will notice that the colour of the liquid is slightly darker & more viscous. It still has a strong but more subtle aroma and sweeter flavour.
For the best results, ease of handling and economy of use, we have found the best way to use this product is to apply directly to the feeders, barrels or hoppers using a sponge or piece of cloth. Just wipe the inside with the cloth before initial filling and again before each top up. Leave the sponge/cloth in the top of the feeder as well. It can be used in the same low dilution rate if mixed with vegetable oil (up to 3 litres). However if mixed with 1 litre of oil and 1 tonne of wheat will give better results. Mix well with the wheat before filling the feeders. (it can be quite a messy job).
You can also use the above methods if you are feeding with our Automatic or Mobile feeders. During cooler weather, temperatures below 10 celsius, this product may wax or solidify, this is normal for pure aniseed concentrate. Just gently warm the bottle up to room temperature, shake well and it is ready for use again.
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