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Hanging Drinker

Hanging Drinker
The Gamekeep Hanging Drinker offers great quality at a very competitive price. Suitable for providing water to adult chickens, ducks and game birds, these simple pieces of kit are supplied with everything you will need to set them up and operate them effectively.
Each drinker comes with two metres of 6mm bore tubing, a saddle connector for 20mm or 25mm alkathene pipe and a hanging hook. These items (or equivalent alternatives) can also be supplied as spares, and the unit comes with eight feet of hanger cord and an adjuster.
The drinker works when water trickles from a low pressure header tank into the yellow stem at the top of the red bell cone. A series of narrow holes allows the water to run down the outside of the bell cone and gather in the trough, where it is easy for birds to access it.
The fact that this item is suspended above the ground means that its height is adjustable and versatile, and we also supply spare stems for this drinker.
For small scale operations which only require one drinker, we recommend that you consider buying our outlet for water drum for 8mm tubing. This handy fitting will allow you to connect the Gamekeep Hanging Drinker straight to a bucket or any other similar water tank. We also supply water ballasts which prevent the unit from swinging in the wind and wasting water.
It is important to remember that the valve stem assemblies on this item are not frost resistant. If the temperature drops below zero degrees, the water will freeze and burst the plastic valve stem. We recommend that you either use this item indoors, or empty all tubes and drinkers during periods of prolonged sub-zero temperatures.
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