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Decoy - Flocked Crow

Decoy - Flocked Crow

Crow traps can be extremely effective at reducing the numbers of these intelligent and destructive birds, and anyone with an interest in conservation or game keeping will be interested in these Flocked crow decoys, which will help you to catch the all-important first bird. Realistically shaped and painted, these hollow decoys are designed to help you to catch a call bird, and once you have one, you can be sure that plenty of others will follow.

The GWCT recently conducted a study which found that a trap with a call bird is fifteen times more likely to catch others than a trap that is simply baited, and this decoy may just give you the edge you will need to get started.

Crow decoys can be used with Multi Larsen Traps and the Larsen Trap, and they include a moulded plastic spike with feet which can be driven into the ground to secure the item in a conspicuous spot where it will attract the attention of wild birds.

All live catch traps should be checked at least once every day, and call birds caught using a crow decoy should be provided with sufficient quantities of water and food.

These decoys are also suitable for traditional crow shooting.
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