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Electric Fence Gateway System

Electric Fence Gateway System

Electric fences provide an effective barrier to contain livestock and deter vermin, but when they reach a gateway, problems can arise. While the perimeter of the fence may be impenetrable, gates are often a weak link in your defences because it is tricky to fortify them while keeping them easily accessible.

Our Electric Fence Gateway System consists of everything you will need to stretch your electric fence across a gap of up to five and half metres, maintaining your easy access without losing any of the efficiency of a full fence.

Once set up, all you will need to do to cross your electric fence is simply unhook the gate handle, pass through the gate, then hook it up behind you again. The clever design of the electric tape spool automatically rewinds the tape when it is unhooked, meaning that an effective electric fence can be dismantled and rebuilt in a matter of seconds.

All the fittings required to create your electric gateway are included with this system, and users often comment on how easy it is to install and operate.
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